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Faux Finishes Projects

Here are just a few examples of faux finishing commissions which included designs & finishes from our faux finishes collection. Including hand painted faux marble columns in an African state house and hand painted faux wood graining to create a mahogany framed drawing room.

The Travellers Club in London's famous Pall Mall is treated to a hand painted black & gold faux marble finish. 

Faux Marble For The Travellers Club, Pall Mall

A beautiful contemporary washroom's ceiling is treated to a painted faux marble finish to compliment the marble border on the walls.

Contemporary Painted Marble

House & Garden features our hand painted faux marble finishes incorporated in interior designer Nina Campbell's new 'Kershaw' wallpaper collection.

House & Gardens

We were commissioned to restore the faux painted marble originally completed in 1859 by Giovanni Maria Benzoni 1859 and copy the finish through to new areas. 

The V&A Museum's Faux Painted Marble

HVART return to the Seychelles for various projects including performing a faux aged Canadian barn wood finish on several principle ceilings.

Seychelles-Faux Aged Canadian Barn Wood

The N D Studios interior design team were faced with a weight challenge when a client specified his wishes for a giant onyx light above his dining room table. The answer was to commission HVART to paint a bespoke faux onyx finish on lightweight light refractive panels. 

Faux Onyx Lighting Panels

Seychelles - Private pavilion project - The intricate carved wooden ceilings on this commission were flushed to ready them for a hand painted faux Seychelles Teak/Iron wood finish. 

Seychelles - Faux Seychellois Teak Ceiling

Seychelles - Private pavilion project - The exterior's flat door panel was textured with impasto and faux finished to juxtapose with the surrounding Seychelles iron wood.

Seychelles - Textured Faux Iron Wood Door Panel

Bespoke plinth made of wood as the base for an antique bronze sculpture is treated to a grey & white faux marble finish.

Faux Marble Plinth

Montenegro - Wooden Columns are treated to a  faux painted/marbled finish to Juxstapose with their surroundings.

From Wood To Marble

A grand contemporary marble staircase faced some challenges when it came to its sweeping curved sides.

From MDF To Faux Marble

Wycombe Abbey - We were commissioned by decorator Paul Jarrott to faux oak grain this fireplace at Wycombe Abbey

Fireplace Is Treated To Faux Oak Grain Finish

This contemporary marble staircase faced some challenges when it came to its sweeping curved sides.

Faux Marble Embelishments

Two giant cabinets are treated to a hand painted Iroko grain finish in the billiard room in Villa Montenegro.

Hand Painted Iroko Graining

We were commissioned by decorator Paul Jarrott to faux oak grain two sets of doors and frames at Wycombe Abbey.

Faux Oak Graining

Giant  MDF columns are treated to a contemporary faux marble finish.

Contemporary Faux Marble

There are many reasons to paint a wood grain finish as some of the worlds precious and beautiful woods are now becoming scarce.

Jersey Chateau Faux Wood Finishes

Hand painted marble columns and pilasters fill the grand entrance hall, banqueting suite and meeting room in the Ugandan state house.

Ugandan State House Faux Marbling
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