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Furniture Finishes Projects

Here are just a few examples of completed furniture finishing projects. From kitchens of which we have now painted 100's to a rooms joinery finishes to juxtapose with the beach life outside. Furniture and joinery finishes have been a passion for us within our designed themes.

Chelsea Harbor Design Center Showroom. New York furniture designer Christopher Peacock commissions us to hand paint the furniture for his new London showroom.

Chelsea Habour Design Centre Showroom

Faux Antique Rattan Finish - Commissioned by April Russell interiors for her 'Bunny Bar' cocktail cabinet featured in the 'House & Garden' spirit of summer show.

Faux Antique Rattan

Four grand dining room cabinets where treated to a polite patina gesso finish. Kensington Project. (Commissioned by Romanos Brihi London & Studio Vero)

Polite Patina Design Cabinets

This new furniture and joinery works were hand painted in various degrees of antique and distressed finishes to create the feel of harmony with the beach lifestyle.

Beach House
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