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Specialist Decoration

Specialist Decoration - Preparation TeamsHVART Preparation Teams

As our decorative designs are complex and varied, the surface preparation is bespoke to each individual design. We can cover this preparatory work if a client so desires.

Specialist Decoration - Paint System SpecificationPaint System Specification

We are traditionally trained craftsmen trained at a time when Oil and Solvent based paints and mediums were the order of the day. Today's paint market however is an ever-changing one with the environment being at the forefront and solvents becoming very much a thing of the past.

Specialist Decoration - Fibre Screed SystemsFibre Screed Systems

We began by using this fibre screed system beneath our polished plaster finishes to suppress cracking from beneath. Polished plaster finishes are a corner to corner decoration and can be costly to repair or restore if damaged from there foundation.

Specialist Decoration - Sprayed Applied FinishesSpray Applied Finishes

Some projects have large, intricate or contemporary areas of which are more suited to finishes applied with spray application techniques as opposed to the traditional brushed finish.

Specialist Decoration - Wallpapers Material HangingsWallpapers & Material Hangings

As with our specified craftsmen, our wall-covering specialists are traditionally trained to the highest of standards, reliable and ethical.

Specialist Decoration - GildingGilding

A number of gilding elements have been featured in designs and commissions which we have completed. Our specified, traditionally, highly trained gilders have completed many projects from historic, traditional and contemporary interiors, bespoke items of furniture, and fibrous plaster treatments.

Specialist Decoration - Fibrous Plaster TreatmentsFibrous Plaster Treatments

Through our network of traditional crafts people we are able to restore and repair fibrous plaster finishes as well as finely decorate the new. Our extensive knowledge of paint systems and applications enables us to paint and decorative finish fibrous plaster treatments to compliment their surroundings.

Specialist Decoration - Joinery FinishesJoinery Finishes

Our well-versed knowledge of paint systems and their applications enables varied decorative treatments to be applied to a projects joinery.

Specialist Decoration - Finishes for ExteriorsFinishes For Exteriors

Being conversant with modern paint systems enables us to provide specifications for exteriors as well as interiors. Elements of faux finishing can also be applied to property exteriors including the blending of elements i.e. new stone to match existing stone, aged fresco style walling, true lime, faux lime, graining, marbling and metal finishes.

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