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Specialist Decoration - Fibreglass Screed Systems HV850

Specialist Decoration - Fibreglass Screed Systems HV850

Architects, designers and building contractors have been increasing the demand for our HV850 Fibre Screed crack suppressant systems.

Specialist Decoration - Fibre Screed SystemsWe began using this fibre screed system in order to suppress cracking from beneath our polished plaster finishes which are a corner to corner decoration and can be costly to repair or restore if damaged from their foundation.

We use a white screed plaster with a German textile fibreglass reinforcing mesh fabric embedded within giving reinforcement and stability with a high diagonal strength and low/minimal organic content.

As the finish is flat it can also be used pre-decoration with various benefits:

  • A textile fibreglass crack suppressant membrane is inserted so that hair-line cracking in the surfaces beneath a finished design are less likely to occur (this is often a issue with newly plastered walls).
  • This system dries much quicker than the traditional plaster systems saving time.
  • It can be used to level walls where multi-finished substrates have been employed e.g new walling adjacent to old walling, old walling in general, or walls with multiple chasings or repairs in various products or mediums.
  • Unlike traditional plaster our system is a quick drying off white colour as opposed to a slow drying dark/pink brown and therefore requires less decoration and time to bring lighter colours to a finish.

This system has been tried and tested by us over the last decade with excellent results. From walling with rattling lift shafts beneath to large old walls with accumulated years of additional multiple plastering etc

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