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Specialist Decoration - Finishes for Exteriors

Specialist Decoration - Finishes for Exteriors

Being conversant with modern paint systems enables us to provide specifications for exteriors as well as interiors.

Specialist Decoration - Finishes for ExteriorsFaux finishing can be applied to property exteriors including the blending of elements i.e. new stone to match existing stone, aged fresco style walling, true lime, faux lime, graining, marbling and metal finishes.

We can help create unique designs with colour and style to enhance designs or to match, blend or compliment surroundings of any exterior.

We have been asked to create various exterior finishes over the past decades which include:

  • Finishes in plaster and paint to match new stone to old.
  • Paint and plaster exterior columns to look like true stone and marble.
  • High lacquer finishes for front doors to properties (no 10 style)
  • Previously plain painted doors to now imitate the finest of woods.
  • Paint new Joinery e.g as window frames, doors etc... in grained faux finishes either matching the old or to create a new theme.
  • Shop facades have been faux painted in both antique and contemporary finishes which have been performed in wood, stone, marble and metallic designs.
  • Gilding ornaments e.g the gates to grand driveways, railings and statues (including that of Laetitia, the angel that adorns the Wimbledon theatres domed roof (see Gilding)
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