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Specialist Decoration - Preparation Teams

Specialist Decoration - Preparation Teams

As our decorative designs are complex and varied the surface preparation is bespoke to each individual design. We can cover this preparatory work if a client so desires.

Specialist Decoration - Preparation TeamsAll our specified decorators are traditionally trained from apprentices to City & Guilds standard and pride themselves on being craftsmen.

The standards of our preparatory teams are extremely high and the protection second to none, even offering a full wrapping service where required.

We insist that all preparation projects are as clean & tidy as possible as we believe this is important to ourselves and our clients. All our craftsmen and women have this common ethic which is often commented on.

In preparation we use a 92% efficient dust extraction system attached to our sanding equipment wherever possible as we believe in keeping the level of dust in the preparation of all our finishes to an absolute minimum.

Surface preparation required for a painted design/finish:

Surface preparation for a decorative painted project is essential. The layers of fine glaze over a basecoat will not hide defects but will highlight them. For this reason it is important to engage a competent craftsman to prepare a painted basecoated surface in order for acquire the best finish.

Surface preparation required for a Polished Plastered design/finish:

Although the word ‘plaster' may imply that a thick forgiving coating will be applied in reality with a polished plaster this is quite the opposite.

The majority of polished plaster finishes are wafer thin and wall preparation pre-plastering must be to an excellent standard as these mediums can be polished to a mirror like finish and are extremely unforgiving.

Structurally walls must be sound, flat and level.

Should a client wish to use their own decorators then our high standards 'HVART Preparation Specification Sheet' can be supplied.

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