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Saudi Arabia - Arabian Palace - polished plaster, faux marble and more

Date: 1/12/2005

We are commissioned by Hamble Interiors to complete all the surface finishes and artworks to a palace in Saudi Arabia. This commission saw us spending a total of nearly 6 months in the Kingdom. Henry presented the first of the designs for the Princess' approval in 2003. The commission included pittura stucco stone finishes to the grand entrance halls, two grand staircases and the swimming pool area. The swimming pool was treated to a nuvoloso finish to the ceilings and areas of height. This finish was used to match the pitted finish of the stucco design below. A 38m long ceiling was faux marbled in red lavanto marble as a copy of the flooring marble. The walling below was faux finished in a crema marfil marble.

A red lacquer Chinoiserie style wall finish was framed by faux painted cherry wood. Various different polished plaster designs were installed over 1500m2. These included, marmarino classico, marmarino valere, stucco venetiano, a bespoke mineral style stucco finish and stucco metallico walling. Painted decorative walling included passagio, series 1 to 5 nuvoloso finishes and textile faux linen. We also created a hand painted Chinoiserie style dining room with metallic antiqued joinery.

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