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The Environment

The Environment

We are an environmentally conscious company and have traded as a ‘Green’ business since 1996. We believe in looking after ourselves and our clients as well as the planet so it is our policy to use as few solvents as possible.

Water not Oil

We combine our traditional skills as craftsmen with the continual improvement in modern waterborne technology to create all our designs and finishes with minimal environmental impact. Unlike traditional oil based paint systems our finishes are multi layered and quick drying making their conservation more cost effective. These paints (other than specialist primers and stoppers) are odourless, solvent free, colourfast and non yellowing which ensures that there will be minimal if any discolouration even behind furniture and paintings etc.

Dust Management Systems

In preparation we use a 92% efficient dust extraction system attached to our abrading/sanding equipment where ever possible. This is essential as we believe in keeping the level of dust in preparation and creation of all our finishes to an absolute minimum.

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