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Over 35 Years of Decorative Finishes

HV'ART work predominantly for London Interior Designers & Architects to create beautiful classic & contemporary surface designs and finishes in both paint and plaster mediums.

Henry is a London based decorative artist, surface designer/finisher & colourist. He fronts a small friendly team of the finest decorative artisans through his company HV’ART Ltd. est. 1988 the majority of the team has worked together for over two decades creating some of the world’s finest interiors.

London's Interior Designers & Architects

HV’ART work predominantly for London Interior Designers & Architects to create beautiful classic & contemporary surface designs and finishes in both paint and plaster mediums.

Worldwide Projects

Over the past three & a half decades the team has completed commissions throughout the UK, Ireland & Scotland and internationally in Jersey, Gibraltar, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain, Montenegro, Sweden, Italy, Egypt, Lebanon, Seychelles, Saudi Arabia, Uganda, Kenya, China and Russia. As well as commissions onboard 6 Ocean going liners including the QM II.

Mobile Sample Library

Henry brings his vast mobile sample library together with digital portfolio to clients’ choice of venue to discuss all the designs and finishes.

Bespoke Samples

A bespoke design service is offered to all clients with colour themes and styles created from the designer’s mood board and/or the client’s choice of furniture, soft furnishings etc…

Colour Consultations & Paint Specifications

Henry creates colour themes and paint specifications for individual rooms and entire projects. Saving all in digital format for historical reference.

The Environment

Henry & team have been instrumental in the environmentally friendly water borne paint movement in the UK & since 1996 he has been trading as a ‘Green’ business believing in looking after the planet, his team & their clients. It is their policy to use as few solvents as possible. Due to this policy & their commitment to using the finest contemporary materials they became the innovators of the unique waterborne ‘HV’ART Lacquer Paint’ system.

HV'ART Lacquer Paint System

Henry & team created & use a unique waterborne ‘HVART Lacquer Paint ™’ system. This paint & lacquer has superior adhesion & durability to that of domestic paints. It is has a hard crystal quality, a soft smooth finish and in formulation is equal to the paints & lacquers used by premium furniture makers. 

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Henry Leaves school & enrolls at college

Henry bids farewell to formal education and embarks on a journey of learning through a City & Guilds course in Painting & Decorating at Langley College in Slough.

Under the expert guidance of Mr. Barry Barnes & Ian Wallace, he delves into the fundamental skills of the decorative trade. Subsequently, Henry secures an apprenticeship in London with Amalgamated Specialist Decoration, where he contributes his newfound knowledge to projects within the esteemed Trust House Forte group of hotels.


Private weekend & Evening work evolve into HV'ART

Decorating for private clients at weekends & evenings grew into weekday projects & ‘HENRY VAN DER VIJVER (HV’ART) SPECIALIST DECORATION’ was born & with the collaboration from Henry’s College friends the projects flourished.


Henry & team are commissioned for their first project overseas

Lady Daphne’s Interiors in Sloane Sq. commission Henry, his team & famous mural artists Graham Rust & Rui Paes to install their decorative designs at the Cairo Capital Club in Garden City, Cairo Egypt.


Henry decides to make an environmental stand

After a successful trip to Beirut to assist muralist Graham Rust on a commission Henry returns to London with a new mission to turn the business ‘Green’ believing in looking after the planet, the teams health & that of their clients. It has been policy ever since to use as few solvents as possible. Combining traditional skills with the continual improvement in modern waterborne technology so that their designs and finishes create minimal environmental impact. 


HV'ART now established for 12 years

By this point, the team has proudly accomplished an impressive tally of over 600 commissions, spanning across both the United Kingdom & destinations worldwide. Their expertise & dedication have left an indelible mark on an extensive array of projects, each reflecting the team’s commitment to excellence & their ability to transcend geographical boundaries with their artistry.


Richard joins the team

Upon joining HV’ART, Henry’s college friend Richard brings not only his esteemed skills as a traditional decorator but also infuses the team with the warmth of his beloved personality. His arrival heralds a new era of camaraderie & creativity within the company, as his expertise seamlessly integrates with the existing talent pool, enriching the collaborative atmosphere with his unique charm. Remarkably, more than 20 years later, Richard remains an integral part of the team, demonstrating his enduring dedication & commitment to the shared artistic vision of the company.


The Team HV'ART travel to Verona, Italy

With the demand for textured designs finishes the team travel to Verona, Italy to learn the Art of Polished Plastering.

In this year the team were also fortunate enough to meet the talented Samantha whom subsequently joined the team & over the next 20 plus years blossoms into becoming the company matriarch. 


Nina Campbell commissions Henry to Lacquer the walls of her entrance hall.

Henry is challenged by the renowned London based interior designer Nina Campbell to create a lacquer design to match her favourite ceramic vase. Henry then embarks on a personal journey to hone his progressive water based paints & lacquers to create a ‘Contemporary Japanning Lacquer’ design & the HV’ART Lacquer paint story is born.

The HV’ART office is also blessed with Richard’s wife Jan joining the team as Henry’s trusted assistant, Jan seamlessly integrates her organizational prowess over the daily operations & further enriches the vibrant tapestry of the team.


Ashley & Ed Join the HV'ART Team

After achieving numerous victories in ‘Skill Build’ competitions, Ashley’s college tutor enthusiastically refers her to Henry as an ideal addition to the HV’ART Team. Recognizing Ashley’s consistent success & innovative mindset, Henry extends a warm welcome, embracing her as a valuable new addition to the team.

Ed & Henry had maintained a social friendship for some time, during which Ed initiated a career for one of Henry’s associates as a Polished Plasterer. Now, Ed seeks to broaden his expertise to include painted finishes & designs. Ed’s skills as a colourist makes him the perfect fit as the latest HV’ART team member.


Zipporah joins the HV'ART team

Zipporah’s journey began with a successful tenure as cabin crew for Emirates in Dubai, where fate introduced her to Henry in 2008. Their romance blossomed, culminating in marriage in 2011. Seeking new horizons, she relocated to London & assumed the role of Social Media Manager at HV’ART. However, driven by her entrepreneurial spirit & passion for her Kenyan heritage, Zipporah eventually charted her own path. Today, she stands as the proud owner of ‘The Kenyan Crafts Company,’ a testament to her unwavering dedication & creative vision.


Kristoffer & Daniel join the HV'ART team.

Kris honed his artistic craft at ‘Palm Fine Arts’ in Sweden, under the mentorship of Lotta Olsson & Mats Carlsson. Following stints in both Sweden & New York, where he trained under the esteemed Master Artisan Pierre Finklestein, Kris felt drawn to return to Europe. Joining the HV’ART team in London, he imports a wealth of experience & expertise as a senior artisan specializing in faux finishes.

Daniel brings his skills as a fine furniture finisher to the team & embarks on his personal journey with lacquer paint & with a career ambition to learn & master decorative finishes. With a keen eye for detail & a passion for craftsmanship, Daniel contributes to the team with his own unique perspective, enriching their creative endeavours with his skill & dedication.


HV'ART now Established for 30 years

The team has now built a strong core & successfully completed over a 4,400 projects, 28 of these overseas. 

Josh & Joshua join the team as apprentices, eager to immerse themselves in the art of decorative finishing & learn from the seasoned craftsmen within the ranks. While they may be new to the field, their enthusiasm & dedication serve as a reminder of the timeless allure of the craft & the importance of passing down traditional skills to the next generation.


HV'ART Launch their Unique Waterborne Paint & Lacquer System

The team proudly introduce their truly innovative waterborne paint system, meticulously crafted to elevate their painted designs & finishes to new heights. Born from a collective passion for excellence & fuelled by their relentless pursuit of environmentally friendly innovation, this unique paint system represents a ground-breaking achievement in the world of specialist decoration.


Now established over 35 years

HV’ART takes great pride in its achievements to date with a portfolio of over 5,000 successful commissions for world-renowned architects & interior designers with projects spanning the globe. Amongst these successes are prestigious collaborations with famous ocean-going liners, iconic hotels, prestigious museums, statehouses & royal palaces.

At the heart of their success lies a dedicated core team of over 10 artisans, including founding senior members & their spouses, whose seamless collaboration spans over two decades. This well-coordinated collective brings forth a wealth of experience, expertise, & innovation, particularly in the realm of environmentally friendly water-based technology.

HV’ART’s skilled artisans not only excel in their craft but also bring a unique blend of dedication, humour, & camaraderie to each project. Their commitment to maintaining a positive work environment & adhering to clean working practices is steadfast. This dedication not only enhances the quality of their work but also solidifies their reputation as pioneers & leaders in the world of specialist decoration.